How To Landscaping - Gravelling

  1. Prepare your site (see SITE PREP guide).
  2. Will the gravel need to be contained - If the level of the gravel will be higher than the adjoining surface or if it will be next to loose or soft material such as soil, you may wish to install edging to divide the areas and reduce the exchange of materials (SEE EDGING GUIDE).
  3. Once you have levelled, lowered, cleared and prepared the ground as required you should cover it with a weed suppressant geotextile fabric. Specialist fabrics are tough enough to withstand the ware and tear of movement over the site, they'll allow water to soak through into the ground while being fine enough to stop most weeds from penetrating the fabric. Fabric is typically available in rolls from around 90cm wide up to around 4m wide and in varying lengths, large rolls are usually mail / internet order, the smaller rolls will be stocked by DIY merchants, garden centres etc. Buy the roll width that is closest to the width of ground you are covering, if you need to lay fabric side by side to cover the ground ensure that you overlap it by at least 10cm
  4. As you roll out the fabric weigh it down to stop the wind blowing it around, you can peg the fabric down with special fabric pegs, but the gravel (once laid) will hold down the fabric so the use of temporary weights such as bricks are perfectly acceptable.
  5. Cut the fabric slightly larger than required (to be on the safe side) and tuck the excess underneath.
  6. Stand back and look at the area you have covered, this is your last chance to fold back the fabric and make any adjustments to the ground or remove stones, stumps etc that had been missed on the first check.
  7. When you are happy, start to place the gravel onto the fabric. A depth of 5cm works best for most gravels any deeper and you will sink into the gravel while walking, shallower and the fabric may become exposed.
  8. Rake the gravel out to your preferred level.



Gravel is typically available in small 25kg bags or large 1 ton bags. 25kg bags are much more expensive, but they are generally available in a wider range, much easier to move around and you can buy a more exact quantity.

Most Weed suppressant fabrics are not UV stable and will break down in sun light. Store the fabric indoors and once spread out over the ground you should cover it as quickly as possible, the less sunlight it is exposed to, the longer it will last.

Unless the gravel area is a temporary measure it is worth buying a better quality fabric, it will last longer and is likely to be easier to work with than a cheaper alternative.

If the area is to be used for vehicles you may need to install a sub base or use a honeycomb plastic grid to support the weight of the vehicle and avoid rutting.



  • Wheel barrow
  • Spade
  • Rake
  • Sharp Knife
  • Materials.
  • Weed Fabric
  • Gravel
  • Pegs or temporary weights