How To Landscaping - Stepping Stones

  1. Place the stepping stones onto your lawn in the position you are planning to lay them.
  2. Try out the path by stepping next to each stone, make adjustments as necessary.
  3. Mark or cut around the stepping stone carefully with a spade.
  4. Remove the stepping stones, using the markings as a guide dig a hole to the depth of each stepping stone + 5cm (2").
  5. Make up a sharp sand mortar mix (6 Sharp sand to 1 cement and add water to make the mixture soft but not runny).
  6. Place approximately 5cm (2") of the mortar mix into the hole, lay the stepping stone on top and tap it down flush with the lawn - if you have too much mix in the hole you must remove the stone to adjust the quantity of mortar, if you hit the stone too hard when tapping it down, you will break it.
  7. Make sure the mortar hasn't squeezed up around the slabs to the surface, the soil should be at least 1cm deep for grass to re establish.
  8. Fill in any gaps around the stones with soil.



If the stones are too high they may foul your lawn mower.

If your stones are too low they will collect water and mud and without additional maintenance will eventually disappear under new lawn growth.



  • Spade
  • Rubber mallet
  • Mixing vessel (i.e. a wheel barrow, mixer, board etc)



  • Sharp sand
  • Cement
  • Stepping stones